About Us – Spot Zero

About Us


Spotzero is a brand that provides efficient cleaning solutions for a quicker, easier, more adaptive and multifaceted cleaning experience. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we create cleaning products that are more advanced than their usual counterparts. We realized that a few subtle amendments, integrated with technology and innovation – and your cleaning regimen would be transformed forever. So to the do-it-yourself and overworked homemakers, we’d say that you are our inspiration. It is our constant endeavor to give you more evolved products which are convenient to use, reducing your time and effort in cleaning, at affordable prices. Our inimitable range of cleaning products is comprehensive and second to none in originality, quality, and results.


Our re-designed cleaning products are the first of their kind in India.


Now burn a hole in your long list of cleaning chores without burning a hole in your pocket.


Minimum input, maximum output, gives you a fighting chance against your cleaning chores.


Our re-designed cleaning products are the first of their kind in India.

Since 1972, our renowned company Hamilton has been synonymous with the term ‘houseware’ throughout the consumer goods industry in India. Our legacy is a testament to our prolific history of having fathered a plethora of successful brands that are a predominant staple within households, here in India and across 55 countries. Our omnipresent brands consisting of Milton, Treo and Claro are famous for providing impeccable products to our patrons. Our integrated and highly mechanized production line consists of a myriad of products. Spotzero is our venture to foray into advanced cleaning products.